The MosBuild Matchmaking App

Want to make sure you meet the right people at MosBuild?

Don’t leave it to chance - use MosBuild Matchmaking.

MosBuild Matchmaking is a data-driven system that matches visitors and exhibitors. The system then puts both sides in touch before the event - making scheduling meetings easier and improving return on time spent at MosBuild.

How does MosBuild Matchmaking work?

  • Complete your profile information and add who you're interested in meeting at the exhibition
  • The Matchmaking service then matches you with people of that profile, showcasing what you're interested in at MosBuild
  • You can then see those you’ve matched with and contact them directly to arrange a meeting at MosBuild

How does MosBuild Matchmaking help you?

MosBuild Matchmaking allows you to:

  1. Find the right people in advance to save you time at the exhibition
  2. Search MosBuild’s exhibitor and visitor base before the exhibition, and contact the ones you’re interested in
  3. Plan your schedule at the exhibition in advance - hour by hour and meeting by meeting
  4. Learn about your potential partners in advance - giving you the chance to meet them prepared

How can you use MosBuild Matchmaking?

Access the Matchmaking service on the link below, and you are ready to go!

Start Matchmaking

Download the ITE Connect app from Google Play or App Store to keep up to date with your schedule and make changes.

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